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Cambridge Cardiovascular


Experimental Medicine led by Prof Ian Wilkinson aims to accelerate the translation of basic and preclinical research into innovative new therapies, and to improve understanding of human cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences
Head of the Section of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Medicine, Department of Medicine
Professor John  Bradley
Director, NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre
Dr Adam J. Brown
BHF Clinical Lecturer
 Clare  Burdett
BHF Centre of Excellence Clinical Research Training Fellow
Dr Joseph  Cheriyan
Associate Lecturer in Medicine
Consultant Physician
Clinical Pharmacologist
Prof Anthony  Davenport
Professor of Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Director of the Human Receptor Research group
Dr Tammy  Dougan
Life Science and Healthcare Partnership Manager, GSK Partnership Manager - Strategic Partnerships Office
Dr Cedric  Ghevaert
Professor of Transfusion Medicine
Consultant Haematologist
Professor Robert  Glen
Professor of Molecular Sciences Informatics
Director, The Centre for Molecular Informatics
Dr Stephen  Hoole
Consultant Cardiologist
Professor for Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine
Honorary Consultant Physician
 Robyn  Macrae
BHF 4-Year Programme PhD Student
Dr Janet  Maguire
Senior Research Associate
BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Professor of Stroke Medicine
Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Dr Carmel  McEniery
Senior Research Associate
Fellow and College Lecturer in Physiology
Professor Geoff  Moggridge
Professor in Chemical Engineering Science
Professor Nick  Morrell
BHF Professor of Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Research Director, National Pulmonary Hypertension Service, Papworth Hospital
Dr Kevin  O'Shaughnessy
Reader in Clinical Pharmacology
Honorary Consultant Physician
MRC/Astra Zeneca Research Fellow
Internal Medicine/Cardiology Spr
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Cambridge
Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital
Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer, Addenbrooke's Hospital
Dr Priya  Sastry
BHF Centre of Excellence Clinical Research Training Fellow
SpR Cardiothoracic Surgeon
ETTAA Research Fellow
Dr Sanjay  Sinha
Professor in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine
Cambridge Lead for BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine (CRM).
BHF Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Ana-Mishel  Spiroski
Research Associate
Will Watson
Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology at Royal Papworth Hospital
Honorary specialist registrar in intensive care and cardiology
Staff governor Cambridge University Hospitals
Dr Nick  West
Consultant Cardiologist
Professor Ian  Wilkinson
Professor of Therapeutics
Director of Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit
Honorary Consultant Physician
Dr Tian  Zhao
BHF Clinical Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine