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Group Leaders

Dr Bobby Agrawal
  • Consultant Radiologist
Dr William Astle
  • University Lecturer in Haematological Genomics
Dr Adam Butterworth
  • Reader in Molecular Epidemiology
Dr Joseph Cheriyan
  • Associate Lecturer in Medicine
  • Consultant Physician
  • Clinical Pharmacologist
Dr Havovi Chichger
  • Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
01223 698161
Dr Murray Clarke
  • BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow
Dr Robert Doubleday
  • Director, Centre for Science and Policy
01223 746707
Dr Brian A Ference,, MD, MPhil, MSc, FACC, FESC
  • Director of Research (Professor) in Translational Therapeutics
  • Executive Director of the Centre for Naturally Randomised Trials
Dr James Fraser
  • University Lecturer in Circulatory Physiology
  • Director of Studies in Medicine, Gonville and Caius College
01223 333815
Dr Mattia Frontini
  • BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Gaffney
  • CDF Group Leader (Sanger Institute)
Dr Cedric Ghevaert
  • Senior Lecturer in Transfusion Medicine
Dr Philippe T Gilchrist
  • BHF Career Development Fellow 2017-2019
+44 (0)1223 747227
Dr Alessandra Granata
  • Senior Research Associate
Dr Martin Graves
  • Head of MR Physics and Radiology IT
  • Affiliated Lecturer (NHS)
Dr Stefan Gräf
  • Principal Research Associate
Dr Matthew Harper
  • University Lecturer in Pharmacology
  • Fellow in Pharmacology Jesus College
Dr Stephen Hoole
  • Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Matthew Hurles
  • Head of Human Genetics at Wellcome Sanger Institute
Dr Michael Inouye
  • Principal Research Associate
  • Turing Fellow
  • Director, Cambridge Baker Systems Genomics Initiative
Dr Tony Jackson
  • Senior Lecturer
Dr Gavin Jarvis
  • Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy
01223 333840
Dr Helle Jørgensen
  • University Lecturer in Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
01223 762581
Dr Michael Knapton
  • Associate Medical Director (Care and Prevention) of the BHF
  • Non-executive Director of the CUH NHS Foundation Trust
  • General Practitioner
Dr Thomas Krieg
  • University Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology
  • Honorary Consultant Physician
01223 762584
Mr Stephen Large
  • Cardiothoracic surgeon
Dr Wei Li
  • BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow
01223 768312
Dr Xuan Li
  • BHF Intermediate Research Fellow
Dr Michelle Linterman
  • Group Leader Lymphocyte Signalling at
  • Babraham Institute
01223 496515
Dr Carmel McEniery
  • Senior Research Associate
  • College Lecturer in Physiology
Dr Andrew J Murray
  • Reader in Metabolic Physiology
01223 333863
Dr Meritxell Nus
  • Senior Research Associate
  • BHF Basic Science Intermediate Fellow
Sebastian Pattinson
  • University Lecturer in Manufacturing Processes, Systems and Organisations
Dr Dirk Paul
  • Principal Research Associate in Integrative Genomics
01223 761918
Dr James Peters
  • BHF Career Development Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • UKRI Innovation Fellow at Health Data Research (HDR) UK
Dr Diane Proudfoot
  • Visiting Fellow at Babraham Institute
  • Head of Science - PlaqueTec Limited
Dr Nicholas Pugh
  • Senior Lecturer - Biomedical and Forensic Sciences
0845 196 2661
Dr Amer Rana
  • BHF University Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine
01223 768312
Dr Chris Rodgers
  • Head of 7T MRI Physics
  • Reader in Biomedical Imaging
  • Associate Professor of Biomedical Imaging (Oxford)
Dr James Rudd, PhD, FRCP, FESC
  • HEFCE Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Honorary Consultant in Cardiology at Addenbrookes and University of Cambridge
01223 331504
Dr Umar Sadat
  • Clinical Lecturer
Dr Andrew Sage
  • Research Associate
  • BHF Intermediate Research Fellow
Dr Stewart Sage
  • Reader in Cell Physiology
Dr Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri
  • University Lecturer in Physiology
  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow
  • St John's College Research Associate
Dr Rameen Shakur
  • Cardiologist
  • Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Clinical Fellow
Dr Sanjay Sinha
  • BHF Senior Clinical Research Fellow
  • Cambridge Lead for BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine (CRM).
01223 747491
Dr Jason Tarkin
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow
  • Clinical Lecturer
Dr Sarah Teichmann
  • Head of Cellular Genetics
Dr Zhongzhao Teng
  • Senior Research Associate
01223 746447
Dr Mark Toshner
  • Director of Translational Biomedical Research MPhil
  • Honorary Consultant Papworth Hospital NHS Trust
  • Honorary Consultant Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
01223 762007
Dr Gosia Trynka
  • Group Leader - Immune Genomics
Dr Ernest Turro
  • Senior Research Associate
Dr Paul Upton
  • Senior Research Associate
Dr Elizabeth Warburton
  • Consultant physician in stroke medicine
Dr Nick West
  • Consultant Cardiologist
01480 364504
Dr Catherine Wilson
  • University Lecturer in Pharmacology
  • Fellow of Wolfson College
Dr Angela Wood
  • Reader in Health Data Science
  • Turing Fellow
01223 748652
Dr Yasmin
  • Senior Research Associate
01223 336739
Dr Emma Yu
  • BHF Intermediate Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Tian Zhao
  • BHF Clinical Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine

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